Diabete Calc 1.36

By Stéphane Planquart - Posted on 12 septembre 2010

Diabete Calc is an Android insuline calculator. This article describe Diabete Calc 1.36 and Diabete Calc Free.

Diabete Calc

Diabete Calc what is it?

Diabete Calc is an Android application to help you finding a right dosage of insulin. DiaCalc is suited for type 1 diabete. Enter your current blood glucose, and carbohydrate intake, check the time of day and DiaCalc compute the best dosage of insulin. Each "time of day" contains parameters for accuration calculation of insulin dosage. All this parameters are personnal and must be modified before use.


All calculations must be confirmed before use. The author makes no claims of the accuracy of the information contained herein ; and the suggested doses are not a substitute for clinical judgment. Neither the author nor any other party involved in the preparation or publication of this site shall be liable for any special, consequential, or exemplary damages resulting in whole or part from any user's use of or reliance upon this material.

Features :

  • Compute insulines doses with current blood glucose, carbohydrate intake and time of day
  • Personnal parameters
  • Theorical blood glucose 2h after
  • Insulin gauge (see below)
  • Calcul ratio carbohydrate per insulin units

Insuline gauge : what is it?

When you computing your insulin dose, insulin calculator replies only one value. This answer is sometime in float value (ex: 12.6 UI) or not (ex: 13 UI).
I think all diabetics people want to drive themself their insuline dose. To maintain control of insulin, I prefer to offer two doses of insulin associated with blood glucose hoped.
In this case, if you chose 14UI, your blood glucose should be 115mg/dL. But if you chose 15UI, your blood glucose should be 87mg/dL.
In case of discrepancy against usual values, you must tailor your carbohydrate ration per insulin unit. The "ratio calculation" activity is made for computation ratio of carbohydrate per insulin unit.
Diabete Calc
In this case, your blood glucose did 130mg/dL before lunch, you calcul your intake glucide and insulin unit but 2 hours after lunch, your blodd glucose is only 76 mg/dL. Diabete Calc answer that your ratio is close to 6.61. You can save this new ratio in existing or new "time of day" for use it the next time.

Diabete Calc 1.36 : what news?

For Diabete Calc 1.2 I wanted :

  • Intuitive interface
  • A better graphics
  • Innovative features (ex: Insuline gauge)
  • English & French version
  • Free software under GPL V3

Today, all these goal are achieved.

Diabete Calc 1.36 is a simple evolution of Diabete Calc 1.2. I continue work on Diabetes Calc with the same objectives.

A button for quick add time of day

Add time of day button

This button is add on home activity and calcul ratio activity.
Add time of day button in home Add time of day button in calcul ratio

This button lets you quickly add a 'time of the day'.
Add time of day button

In home activity, this button can be used if you already know your good ratio.
In calcul ration activity, you can simply enter the name of new times of day, all others information is take from the current calcul ratio.

A fast erase button

fast erase button
This button help you to quikly erase value of the 2 most used text box:

  • Current blood glucose
  • Carbohydrate intake

fast erase button

Two new languages

I add two new languages :

  • German
  • Spanish
German Spanish
Home German Calcul Ration German Home Spain | Calcul Ration Spain

Warning, only the main screen and some other stuff are translated but not all big messages.

Low density screen

I improve support of low density screen. Now Diabete calc work fine in 120 dpi like HTC Wildfire.

Diabete Calc Free : Why?

Today I would like diabete calc using by most people. The free version is born to do this. Diabete Calc Free is with Ads. If you want Diabete Calc without Ads, you can buy the full version. In free version there is no quick add time of day. The futures improvements and features will not add in free version.

Thank you for your interest in Diabetes Calc!

Diabete Calc Diabete Calc Free
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Add support of custom target blood glucose.

A new version with support mmol/L.